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Oya is a Great Yoruban Orisha. She is the goddess of Storms and Winds, and Her realm ranges from rainbows to thunder. Her name means "She Who Tore" in Yoruba. She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. Oya is known as a fierce Warrior goddess and a strong Protectress of women,... Greek Goddesses List • Names of the Greek Goddesses Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Mazu, Chinese Goddess of the Sea Mazu, Chinese Goddess of the Sea, also known as Matsu, Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami. Myths and symbols of the goddess Mazu and other goddesses. Goddess Quiz reveals your goddess within to access the power of the divine feminine. Scottish Deities List – A Shrine to the Gods

Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, ... Vellamo, the wife of Ahti, goddess of the sea, lakes and storms. Greek mythology Aegaeon, god of violent sea storms and ally of the ...

Sea in culture - Wikipedia The sea has appeared in literature since Homer's Odyssey (8th century BC). The sea is a recurring theme in the Haiku poems of the Japanese Edo period poet Matsuo Bashō (松尾 芭蕉) (1644–1694).

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AMPHITRITE Greek Sea Goddess Greek Sea Goddess. Not particularly enthusiastic Goddess of the Ocean. A daughter of PROTEUS. She wished to remain an eternal virgin, butThis causes AMPHITRITE to lash herself into furious rages which cause storms at sea. POSEIDON threatens her with his trident which usually makes... Goddess of Storms : Chapter 1, book by Goddess101 She lives in a big roman house called Kitchen Godde...Girls: Tempestas Goddess of Storms Aurielle Goddess of Dark Aletta angel baby Invidia Goddes of envy Selina Goddess of Silence Seraphina TThis story is aobut a 17 year old girl named Tempestas or T for short! T is the Goddess of Storms.

Jan 14, 2018 ... Let's consider what it says about why God allows storms in our lives: ... Even in the sea, He rescued Jonah by sending a great fish to swallow ...

Pontus, primeval god of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures. Poseidon, Olympian God of the Oceans and king of the sea gods; also god of rivers, storms, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses. He controlled every aspect of the seas. His Roman equivalent is Neptune.